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Краткое описание прибора для определения природы и концентрации растворенных веществ

In 2004 in Moscow State University a group of scientists leaded by N.B. Ferapontoff started working on development of new type of analytical device. Their final goal is commercial(ly produced) instrument allowing identification of solutions of different compounds ( substances ) and measuring their concentration. . This device stands out (or is distinguished by ) for the new, original, exact method of definition parameters of solution. This method is copyrighted. Polymer sensor is used in this device, which allows defining lots of different substances. On the one hand the usage of polymer sensor allows obtaining measurements of aqueous and nonaqueous solutions, and on the other hand defining concentration of dissociated and undissociated compounds. Thus, a great variety of compounds can be analysed with this device.

The main feature of the device is its universality. Besides, it is easy and safe to product and to use. Measuring data is displayed on PC. It is possible to measure concentrations of ions or undissociated molecules. The analysis is can be accomplished without any indicators, electrodes and other controlling devices. That's why it is possible to analyse even muddy solutions. Dilution or concentration of probe is not needed. Volume of probe varies from 0.01 m l to 1 ml. Measurements can be set up in static or dynamic mode. A portable modification of device is in plan.

The device consists of polymer sensor (a spherical granule of polymer sorbent or ionite), placed in measuring cell, set of lens, CMOS (or CCD) sensor, analog-digital converter of PC.

1 – source of light 2 – cell 3 – granule 4 – optical system 5 – recording system 6 – data handling system

The way how it works. The granule selected for the analysis is placed into cell. Then the cell should be filled up with solvent and installed onto microscopic stage, with fixed source of light under it. The blowup of the granule is detected by CMOS sensor. The value of signal depends on size of the image of the granule. The digital signal goes to PC, where the special software handles this data and gives the name of soluted substance and the value of its concentration.

At present several laboratory samples of device are made, which allow continuing further scientific research. The method is already worked through and lots different compounds are analysed. Special software for handling the measuring data is ready to use, which makes the analysis more foolproof and sensible. These results are enough to start the design work on commercially produced instrument.

Ведутся переговоры с организациями, которые на договорной основе готовы изготовить оригинальные детали и узлы прибора. В самом коллективе обсуждаются дизайн и конструкторские решения для изготовления опытного образца прибора. Проводится подбор комплектующих узлов. Испытания прибора проводятся в научных лабораториях химического факультета МГУ.